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Oil and Gas Sales


Achievement of an optimum balance between oil exports and domestic market supplies in view of the market situation in order to gain maximum profit is one of the Company’s priority tasks in the oil marketing sector.

The total Company’s oil sales in 2015, including oil refining by own refineries came to 143 mln t. At that due to the fact that oil export supplies are more efficient as compared to the majority of domestic supplies, the bulk oil volumes were redirected from inefficient domestic destinations to export supplies. Although the 2014 oil export was less marginal than domestic sales, the tax maneuvers in the oil industry in force since 2015, drastically changed the situation.

Inclusive of the petroleum products supplied to the ISAB and Zeeland Refinery.

Oil exports

Due to the redistribution of oil supplies, 2015 oil export rose by 14.6% and reached 34.2 mln t The export share outside of the Customs Union rose from 87% to 89%, while the load on the own transportation infrastructure grew due to the production growth in the Komi Republic.

The export volume via own terminals rose by 13.4% and reached 7.6 mln t of oil, mainly due to a 5.3% increase (up to 6 mln t) in the oil shipments via Varandey terminal from Trebs and Titov fields. Shipments are made to the terminal via Kharyaga-Yu.Khylchuyu oil pipeline. The oil exports via Svetly port came to 0.8 mln t

2015 witnessed an increase in the Company’s oil shipments via the ESPO oil pipeline and the port of Kozmino. The shipment volume came to 1.5 mln t This route ensures the Company’s light crude marketing with its quality preserved under the terms exceeding the traditional export efficiency westwards. Entry into the Asian Pacific market complies with the Company’s strategy focused on the sales market diversification.

Oil supplies to refineries

Oil refining by the Russian refineries still remained the most efficient way to utilize the Company’s oil. Although the tax maneuver in the Russian oil industry somewhat reduced the oil refining marginality, the great amount of the secondary processing capacities commissioned by the Company in 2015 made up for this drop, while strengthening its competitive positions. The 2015 oil supplies to the Group’s Russian refineries came to 41.9 mln t The 2015 feed stock supplies to the Company’s own and dependent foreign refineries came to 22.6 mln t The oil supplies to third-party refineries came to 0.9 mln t.

Domestic sales

The 2015 domestic oil sales came to 10.8 mln t, which is by 2.2% less than the 2014 figure.

International sales

The Company actively promotes its international sales expanding their scale and geographic diversification. It is expanding its presence in the oil producing regions of West, Sub-Saharan and South Africa, implementing projects in Central America and Colombia. LUKOIL establishes long-term relations with major consumers from Southeast Asia, the United States and other countries to ensure the most efficient product placement.


The 2015 LUKOIL Group’s commercial gas sales came to 20.3 bln. cu.m, which by 1.4% exceeds the 2014 figure. The weighted average gas marketing price in Russia rose by 2.4% as compared to 2014 and came to around 2,173 RUB/ths. cu.m.

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