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The Company’s key strategic goal is to increase its production potential, and thus improve the quality and quantity of its resources. Exploration is one of the key tools to achieve this goal. LUKOIL constantly increases the scope of its exploration activities and continues to apply its efforts aimed at performance improvement in this field. Over the last 2 years about RUB 114 billion has been spent on exploration, and the proved reserves increment as a result of exploration and development came to 1.4 billion boe.

The most part of the Company’s exploration activities is concentrated in the Timan-Pechora oil and gas bearing province, Western Siberia, and Volga region (including Caspian offshore activities). The year of 2015 saw 18 field discoveries (17 oil fields and one gas field), which is a record — high figure for the last 15 years. In addition, 54 new deposits were discovered at the existing fields in 2015, which also is a 15 — year record.

Year 2015 saw the increase in the scope of 2D seismic surveys by 60.40/о up to 9,984 th. m due to new prospecting activities at the blocks in Western Siberia, Komi Republic (Timan-Pechora), and Perm Oblast (The Urals Region). The scope of vertical seismic profiling (VSP) increased by 22.90/o. In 2015, VSP was done in 43 wells. Exploratory drilling saw a 28.7% decrease in 2015 to make up 191 th. m.

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