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V. Filanovsky field

V. Filanovsky field is the second Caspian field to be launched by LUKOIL. LUKOIL discovered the field in 2005 in the Russian Caspian Sea, 190 km off Astrakhan at depths between 7 and 11 meters. This is one of Russia’s largest offshore oil fields. As of late 2015 its proven reserves totaled 290 mln. barrels (3P reserves came to 567 mln. barrels).

As of today, construction and assembly operations have been completed for the first stage facilities, and the 1st living quarters have been commissioned. Construction and assembly has also been completed for the second phase substructures, oil and gas pipelines have been commissioned, as were offshore sections of pipelines.

In 2016 both the field and head onshore facilities are expected to be brought into pilot production.